HOR 014 PD/HOR 014:
Satan's Host - "Metal From Hell"
Picture LP released July 19th 2007
LP released January 15th 2008

Pressing info:
250 x picture LP ("Devil" version)
250 x picture LP ("Satan's Host" version)
190 x yellow vinyl
310 x black vinyl
13 x yellow/black vinyl
Test pressing:
15 x white picture disc w/special sleeve
15 x black vinyl w/special sleeve

1. Prelude: Flaming Host
2. Black Stelé
3. Into The Veil
4. Metal From Hell
5. King Of Terror
6. Strongest Of The Night
7. Standing At Death's Door
8. Hell Fire
9. Souls In Exile

All copies of the picture disc come with insert and poster.
The first 100 of each version sold come with embroidered patch.
The black and coloured vinyl comes in gatefold sleeve with inner sleeve.
The yellow/black vinyl comes with photo and insert and is hand numbered.
Status: Sold out!

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