HOR 032:
Metal Cross - "Metal Cross"
2LP + 7 released April 30th 2014

Pressing info:
150 x silver/black vinyl
350 x black vinyl

Test pressing:
10 x black vinyl w/special sleeve

1. Metal Cross
2. Crucifying the Virgins
3. With Heart and Honour
4. Waiting for the Dawn
5. Feed the World
6. The Evil Eye
7. Call for the Children
8. Circus on Fire
9. Nightmare
10. April 27th
11. Intro: Also Sprach Zarathustra
12. The Evil Eye
13. The Scarlet Letter
14. Circus on Fire
15. Written in the Sand
16. Vernal Equinox
17. Nightmare
18. Losers of the Earth
19.Fall of Cimbria
20.Call for the Children
21.Iron Bars
22.Crucifying the Virgins

Comes in gatefold sleeve with silver foil stamp and with 12x12 12-page booklet and 7 folder.
The silver/black vinyl is limited to 150 copies.
Status: Available!

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