HOR 037/HOR 037 MC:
Black Oath - "Ov Qliphoth and Darkness"
2LP released July 2nd 2013
MC released October 1th 2013

Pressing info:
200 x white vinyl
700 x black vinyl
100 x gold vinyl
200 x cassette

Test pressing:
10 x black vinyl w/special sleeve

1. Esbat (Lamiae Sinagoge Part 2)
2. ...For His Coming
3. Sinful Waters
4. Scent Of A Burning Witch
5. Witch Night Curse
6. Ov Qliphoth And Darkness
7. Drakon, Its Shadow Upon Us
8. ...My Death
9. Ave Satanas

Comes in gatefold sleeve. Side D is silk screened.
Track 9 is a vinyl-only bonus track.
The MC is co-released with Terror From Hell Records.
Status: Available!

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