HOR 041/HOR 041 MC:
Evil Spirit - “Cauldron Messiah"
LP released October 13th 2014
MC released December 13th 2014

Pressing info:
200 x red/grey vinyl
500 x black vinyl
100 x orange cassette
100 x red cassette
50 x black cassette

Test pressing:
10 x black vinyl w/special sleeve

1. Intro (Him The Almighty Power)
2. Grey Ashes Of The Reptile
3. Eve Of The Beholder
4. Let The Dragon Be My Guide
5. Reino Sangrento
6. Push Angie Back Into The Swamp
7. Cauldron Messiah

The LP comes in gatefold sleeve with insert, A1 poster and merchandise insert.
The red/grey vinyl is limited to 200 copies.
Status: Available!

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